Finding all classes that extend a base class

Here the solution (in this case we’re looking for all classes who extends java.util.AbstractList):

import java.util.AbstractList;
import java.util.Collection;

import org.burningwave.core.assembler.ComponentContainer;
import org.burningwave.core.assembler.ComponentSupplier;
import org.burningwave.core.classes.ClassCriteria;
import org.burningwave.core.classes.CacheableSearchConfig;
import org.burningwave.core.classes.ClassHunter;
import org.burningwave.core.classes.ClassHunter.SearchResult;
import org.burningwave.core.classes.SearchConfig;

public class Finder {

	public Collection<Class<?>> find() {
		ComponentSupplier componentSupplier = ComponentContainer.getInstance();
		PathHelper pathHelper = componentSupplier.getPathHelper();
		ClassHunter classHunter = componentSupplier.getClassHunter();

		CacheableSearchConfig searchConfig = SearchConfig.forPaths(
			//Here you can add all absolute path you want:
			//both folders, zip and jar will be recursively scanned.
			//For example you can add: "C:\\Users\\user\\.m2"
			//With the row below the search will be executed on runtime Classpaths
			ClassCriteria.create().byClasses((uploadedClasses, currentScannedClass) ->
				//[1]here you recall the uploaded class by "useClasses" method. In this case we find all class who extends java.util.AbstractList
				//With this directive we ask the library to load one or more classes to be used for comparisons:
				//it serves to eliminate the problem that a class, loaded by different class loaders, 
				//turns out to be different for the comparison operators (eg. The isAssignableFrom method).
				//If you call this method, you must retrieve the uploaded class in all methods that support this feature like in the point[1]
        //The loadInCache method loads all classes in the paths of the SearchConfig received as input
        //and then execute the queries of the ClassCriteria on the cached data. Once the data has been 
        //cached, it is possible to take advantage of faster searches for the loaded paths also through 
        //the findBy method. In addition to the loadCache method, loading data into the cache can also
        //take place via the findBy method if the latter receives a SearchConfig without ClassCriteria
        //as input. It is possible to clear the cache individually for every hunter (ClassHunter, 
        //ByteCodeHunter and ClassPathHunter) with clearCache method but to avoid inconsistencies 
        //it is recommended to perform this cleaning using the clearHuntersCache method of the ComponentSupplier.
        //To perform searches that do not use the cache you must intantiate the search configuration with 
        //SearchConfig.withoutUsingCache() method
		SearchResult searchResult = classHunter.loadInCache(searchConfig).find();
		return searchResult.getClasses();