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Help guide

This post is a constantly expanding help guide, consisting of a collection of all general posts. In addition to this you can find examples of some components in the "Get started" section.


- How to enable logging of Burningwave Core classes?
- How to hide the startup banner?
- How to configure StaticComponentContainer?
- How to configure ComponentContainer?
- Which is the value of ${main-class-paths} variable used in file?
- What is the '' property for?
- What is the 'paths.class-factory.default-class-loader.class-repositories' property for?


- How can I use classes located outside the runtime class path in my sources to be generated?


- How to perform a scan based on files signature check instead a scan based on files extension check?
- How to make searches as fast as possible using the cache?
- How to clear the cache?
- How to perform a scan without using cache?